Who we are?


The Coordination for International and Inter-institutional Relations (CORIN) is the body of the Central Administration that is responsible for coordinating, supervising, advising and providing operational support to the signing of agreements with other institutions in order to promote the integration and the internationalization of teaching, research and service and community outreach activities as well as the scientific and cultural exchange. The integration and the internationalization with other institutions encompasses the academic and technical mobility of students, professors and technical administrative staff.

Therefore, the Coordination for International and Inter-institutional Relations (CORIN) is, in short, the department that enables the implementation of partnerships that will contribute to the improvement of academic formation of UFRRJ community.

In conclusion, CORIN has the mission of supporting the academic and international relations between UFRRJ and other institutions with the purpose of stimulating the academic community to create technical-scientific and cultural exchanges for institutional and regional development.

Postado em 15/05/2018 - 15:43

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