Internationalization Institutional Politic

Besides of including a wide field of actions, internationalization is a dynamic process that encompasses teaching, research, extension activities. In addition, it is a tool that allows higher education to answer to the needs and challenges of a globalized society. Therefore, in this context, internationalization means mobility of people and knowledge.

In this way, the UFRRJ understands international cooperation, based on solidarity and equality, as an instrument to overcome inequalities among people and institutions, as well as being able to build a better society. Internationalization is also fundamental for the consolidation and expansion of the university and for the sustainable development of our country in the global context. Institutionally, internationalization is a multicampi policy that encompasses, in an equal way, the whole university community and all areas of knowledge represented by undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In this sense, a set of actions will be defined by the university in order to guide the process of internationalization in the next four-year period.

During the next four years, several actions will be implemented through specific projects presented by the institutes and the deaneries involved, with the support and advice of the Coordination of International and Inter-institutional Relations (CORIN). These actions will be considered priorities and aim to create the foundations of internationalization at UFRRJ. With the accomplishment of these objectives, UFRRJ expects, until 2020, to increase its degree of internationalization by organizing and establishing solid foundations for the continuity of this process, besides of, finally, making internationalization part of the administrative policy and strongly inserted in the activities of research, teaching and extension.


Postado em 21/05/2018 - 18:40

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