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Student Exchange 

UFRRJ receives foreign students as part of mobility programs and cooperation agreements established with other universities. The students can attend UFRRJ for up to two academic semesters. The qualification is awarded by the university of origin, which issues a certificate showing performance in disciplines at UFRRJ.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can take part in an exchange, as long as they are duly enrolled in a foreign institute of higher education with which UFRRJ has a memorandum of academic cooperation. You can find out more about institutions that have an agreement in the partners section.

Student Agreement Programme 

Undergraduate and Graduate (PEC-G and PEC-PG)

The Graduate and Undergraduate Student Agreement Program is the result of cultural, scientific and technological cooperation agreements signed between developing countries with a view to building up human resources. It allows students, university teachers, researchers, professionals and graduates of higher education from developing countries to study in Brazil.

Brazilian embassies in those countries are responsible for promoting the program and for initiating the selection process.

Brazil Scholarships PAEC OEA-GCUB

Launched in 2011, the program is one of the most important regional cooperation initiatives in the education sector for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean and aims to contribute to regional integration and strengthening of the Americas, through the scholarships of integral studies for postgraduate courses in the strict sense (Masters and PhD), offered by Brazilian Universities associated with GCUB the students from the 34 member countries of the OEA, except Brazil.

High students are selected academic level, with trajectory of leadership and with high impact potential in their countries of origin.These professionals have the scientific and cultural exchange through academic mobility, and return to their home countries with the mission to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the society in which they live.

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